Custer's Last Stand House Concert Series


About House Concerts


  1. What is a House Concert?

    A house concert is a chance to experience live music in a warm and intimate environment. It's when someone opens up their home and invites you into their home to share in a performance by one of their favorite musicians. It's a chance to meet the performers and get them to sign and personalize their CD. A house concert is also a great social evening/afternoon with friends and neighbors.


  2. Why do you host House Concerts?

    If only we had $1 for every time someone asked! We open up our home to our friends and neighbors because we want to share great music with them. In the area where we live -- like most of the world today -- there are few venues where people can go to experience great music in a close and friendly environment. Great music makes us happy and we want to share that with others around us. These events allow us to give exposure to some incredible musicians whose talents we truly believe in and wish to help promote.

  3. How much does this cost me?

    We generally have a "voluntary suggested donation" of $20. per person at most of our House Concerts. Some concerts might be a little more, some might be less. The reason we call it a "voluntary suggested donation" is that we are not a business. This is our home. We can't really call it an "admission fee". Turning this into a business would create all sorts of extra work and expense on our part. We are simply having a party!! However,our "voluntary suggested donation" is still as close to being mandatory as we can make it. Without the money, we could not get the caliber of musicians who have graced our home.  We work on the honor system and need everyone's participation to keep our series going. We find that nearly everyone puts in the suggested amount and some people even put in a little extra. Remember 100% of the donations go directly to the performers.



  4. Doesn't it cost you time and money?

    Yes, it costs us money to host these concerts. We spend money for coffee, soft drinks, lite food, paper plates, paper cups, napkins, flyers, postage and more. We also spend a great deal of time for the planning and set up of each show. Plus all the time sending and reading emails, talking to performers, agents, etc, etc. We do it simply for the love of the music.  Really. We enjoy sharing great music with those around us. 100% of the suggested donation goes directly to the performers. For us, this is a hobby and we don't mind spending a little to keep our hobby going.



  5. Is your home pet free?

    For those with pet allergies, I'm sorry; we do not have a pet free home.  Currently we have 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 goats, birds, chickens....the list is constantly growing :)

  6. How can I attend?

    Just send us an email RSVP in the "Contact Us" tab of and tell us that you would like to RSVP for a show. Please be sure to specify which show and how many people will be joining you.  We will send you a confirmation email telling you that we've added you to the RSVP list. You should get that return email within 24 hours of sending in your RSVP. If you don't... it means we didn't get your email, so please try again. Only people who get a confirmation email from us will be on the RSVP list. Then generally a few days before the show, we send out an RSVP reminder, which also includes details, directions, and emergency contact info.


  7. What if I RSVP and then can't make it?

    PLEASE be sure to let us know. Some of our house concerts fill up weeks in advance. So there is a good chance that we will have a Waiting List for the show. If you are on the RSVP list for a particular concert but will not be able to attend, please be sure to let us know as soon as possible so that we'll have the opportunity to include someone from the Waiting List. This is a courtesy not only to the people on the Waiting List, but also to the performer who would love to see a full house!

  8. What kind of environment is the evening?

    Casual. We go for the warm and cozy feel. Dress is "Cozy Casual". Our home is a smoke free environment. We ask everyone to honor this and please keep all cigars, pipes and cigarettes outside. We also insist NO DRUGS OF ANY KIND.   We do not provide any alcohol, however, if people wish to bring wine or beer, we are fine with that so long as people use their own discretion.

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