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Sunday 5/29, 2016

Julia Haltigan!

In an incredible Game 2, it took Houston’s superstar trio to finally take down a Dodgers bullpen anchored by the best closer in the game. This star-powered thriller came one night after Los Angeles rode the best pitcher on the planet to a World Series-opening victory. If this seems like an especially star-studded World Series, it’s because it is a star-studded World Series. We have Cy Young winners, MVP candidates and as many as nine future Hall of Famers.

If, say, Drew Brees (who can not be tagged in New Orleans) follows through on his professed love for all things Doug Marrone and wants to come to Jacksonville, or if Eli Manning, who has some kind of past relationship with Tom Coughlin (I don’t know the details, I think they were roommates in Bayonne, New Jersey), want to come to Jacksonville, the Jaguars would presumably figure out a way to make it work. But it just got a lot more difficult, and much more likely that they’d have to part ways with quality players for it happen.

McCown, with a wife and four children, on the strain of often being an absentee father while he played in one city and his family lived elsewhere, often in Charlotte: “When your employment begins and ends at training camp, it is hard when you’ve got family to go, ‘Okay, let’s move before the school year,’ so we stayed … We’ve just learned to manage it. It’s not been ideal by any stretch.

Thank god for FaceTime. But I also understand that I am not the only guy that works, and works away from his family. We have people serving and protecting this country that spend six to eight months, or years, at a time without being able to see their family.

The time away is hard. There were so many nights I hung up FaceTime and hung up times with my kids that I would just sit there and cry and go, ‘Man I don’t want to, I can’t do it! I can’t do it anymore.

On the other side of the Mississippi River, north of Lake Nokomis, The Phelps-Minnesota Falcons gear up for their fifth game of the season, against Osseo at Roosevelt High. The eighth-grade football team wears blue jerseys with lightning streaks so bright it’s difficult to see the numbers. Telyse Henderson asks her boys, Isaiah and Zaevion, to wear long sleeves so she can find them more easily while pacing the bleachers.

In the meantime, And there’s still a chance Cleveland takes another QB high in the draft. Now, I do know the Browns see Kizer as having a future in Cleveland, and my sense is he’ll get another shot—Jackson said Wednesday at his presser that this is a week-to-week thing. But the other thing I’m sure of is that the team’s future at the position remains wide open.

And that’s the part of this whole Indiana experience that still leaves Miller a bit flummoxed. The part in which Miller dropped by an open gym at a high school in his first week on the job and eight news cameras descended. The part in which he pulls up to Joe Huber’s Family Farm & Restaurant, on the border between Indiana and Kentucky, and the line for the IU fan event snakes its way down the length of the road.

Pulling up to the farm that day, Miller looked out the bus window and thought to himself: “It’s this big that they want to come down and hear me speak for 25 minutes?”

It’s the open gym session in New Albany, Indiana, in late September — three days before Miller will officially kick off his 2017-18 debut campaign with the Hoosiers’ first practice — but he’s here, two hours southeast of Bloomington, to check in on Romeo Langford, the fifth-best high school senior in the country.

In the notes Prescott writes his mom on his phone, he always assumes she already knows what he’s doing on the field and about his work off it. So, he usually writes something simple like, “I love you” or “Thank you.”



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