Dave Dombrowski is still in charge in Boston, right?

Stephanie Apstein: Boston seems like a good fit. President of baseball ops Dave Dombrowski loves a free-agent splash and that lineup finished last in the AL in home runs last year.

Jack Dickey: The Diamondbacks would be wise to keep him—he provided a Yoenis-Cespedes-to-the-Mets-in-2015 jolt to their season, slugging .741 in 232 at-bats with Arizona after a midseason trade from Detroit. But Martinez hired Scott Boras this November for a reason. Where is he likeliest to find a megadeal? Boston, probably. But don’t sleep on Baltimore. While the O’s need pitching more than another bat, they’ve been known to fall hard for flawed power hitters in the past.?

Bryant spent two years in New York before being part of the roster purge that ensued when Tom Coughlin was hired as head coach. Bryant then became what he jokingly described as a leg for hire, bouncing between the Colts and Dolphins before finally getting a more permanent foothold in 2005 with the Buccaneers.

It was in Tampa that Bryant would begin displaying the long-distance prowess that has now become his hallmark. He nailed a 62-yard field goal just one yard off the NFL record at the time as time expired in a 23-21 win over the Eagles in 2006. The kick was so celebrated that Tampa’s mayor proclaimed the following Monday Matt Bryant Day.

Along with the good times came the bad.

Carr was mostly ineffective in his fourth season as the Raiders’ starting QB. He looked gun-shy in his return from the leg fracture that cost him the end of the ’16 season, and a midseason back injury made this season even rougher. He also didn’t get much help from his wideouts as Amari Cooper and MIchael Crabtree disappointed. The disastrous change in offensive coordinator from Bill Musgrave to Todd Downing also was a big factor in the dysfunction.

The rhythm and confidence of previous seasons weren’t there for Carr, who signed a lucrative long-term contract in the summer. He has a lot of Rich Gannon in him, except he’s a lot younger than Gruden’s most effective Oakland QB was, and he’s a long-term piece who can return to MVP-caliber play. Carr is Gruden’s type of grinder, a player he can mold into a West Coast passing paradigm.

His odds of cracking the Dolphins’ 53- roster are exceedingly slim.And that’s the one thing that really inspired me to get MBA, because sitting behind a desk doing design work wasn’t enough anymore.He is ranked by as the 33rd-best prospect baseball, being ranked as the Dodgers’ 2nd-best prospect.He was worth 1 WAR and had a wRC+ of 108.patriots_100_566d4d1794e5633a-180x180

Sean Payton and Dirk Koetter’s handshake after Saints vs. Buccaneers was not at all friendly

Postgame handshakes are usually pretty predictable. There’s the shake itself, maybe a one-armed hug, and a brief exchange of pleasantries. Sean Payton and Dirk Koetter gave us something totally different on Sunday.

The Buccaneers beat the Saints in dramatic fashion when Jameis Winston hit Chris Godwin with a touchdown with just nine seconds left to play. Payton’s squad still clinched the NFC South, and Koetter had to be pleased that his team knocked off the Saints, even though they still finished last in the division with a 5-11 record.

Having Pouncey still in the game is big for Pittsburgh. He’s been a Pro Bowler six times in his seven-year career, and been a first-team All-Pro twice.

Stefon Diggs bobs and bounces, feigning a cut in his second-row chair. He has always viewed the world as his football field, treating each sidewalk crack like the line of scrimmage, every stranger as another cornerback in press coverage. He swims around coaches outside the team’s Eden Prairie offices and loses friends at the mall running five-and-outs. Even tagging along with his mother, Stephanie, at her job as an Amtrak attendant, young Stefon would startle train passengers by stutter-stepping down the aisles. “I see them routes, I see me,” Diggs says. “I need to feel football.”

Mahomes was drafted acquired by trading way up, in fact to lead that group to the next level. Smith now gets to help move the team that rescued him from the 49ers five years ago to that level by bringing back some quality draft picks and to lighten the salary cap load (reportedly $17 million would come off if he goes).

The rest of wild-card weekend illuminated the quarterback crisis gripping the NFL бн particularly the other AFC game, the not-quite-epic Blake Bortles-Tyrod Taylor Bowl between the Jaguars and Bills. Smith is going to be worth whatever a team on the rise is willing to pay to get off the mediocrity merry-go-round.

The Browns also have Houston’s second-round pick (35th overall) thanks to the trade that sent Brock Osweiler to the Browns, who waived Osweiler before the regular season began.

There weren’t a lot of positives today, except we also secured the No. 4 draft pick, Browns owner Jimmy Haslam said after the team’s 28-24 loss in Pittsburgh to complete just the second 0-16 season in NFL history. So we’re excited to see what (general manager John Dorsey) can do with the draft picks we’ve accumulated as well as what we can do in free agency.patriots_087_3456447ffc657962-180x180

The Jaguars are selling a burger with blue buns for the Wild Card game and it looks radioactive

The Jaguars are selling an absolutely terrifying meal at their stadium for the Wild Card game.

Some misguided soul down in Jacksonville decided it’d be a good idea to let fans sport their team’s color on the inside of their bodies as well as the outside, and I’m a little concerned. Actually, I’m a lot concerned.

“I just wanted to let you guys know,” he said, pausing for a beat, “that I literally love every one of you! Now let’s go win this thing!”

That allowed Henry to get a head of steam. And when Henry gets a head of steam, good luck tackling him. The Titans killed the clock and moved to the Divisional Round.

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Haley suffered “a shattered pelvis and a badly bruised left side.”

The Pittsburgh Police Department confirmed to SB Nation that officers were called to the Tequila Cowboy restaurant on North Shore Drive near Heinz Field over a “minor scuffle” involving Haley’s wife, Christine, shortly after midnight, Jan. 1, 2018.

“The scuffle was quickly ended,” a police spokeswoman said in a statement provided to SB Nation. “Todd Haley was reportedly not involved nor injured during this incident. Todd and Christine Haley were escorted out.”

But after Haley and his wife left the bar, Haley was reportedly shoved down. That’s when the injury occurred. A source confirmed to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Ed Bouchett and Shelly Bradbury that Haley injured his hip.

The Celtics have been profiting from their 2013 blockbuster trade with Brooklyn for years, a one-sided deal that has delivered a steady stream of picks and pick swaps to fortify an extended rebuilding effort. In June, the gift that has kept on giving led to another trade that is bound to inspire heated debates for at least the next decade. Shortly before the draft, the Celtics found themselves in a unique position: They held the No. 1 pick, courtesy of the Nets, after just completing a trip to the East finals. The 2017 class lacked a consensus franchise-changer, like Anthony Davis, and the Celtics felt no pressure to follow conventional wisdom given their successful foundation. They were playing with house money and free to gamble.

Danny Ainge unveiled a bold response to these rare conditions, trading the top pick to the Sixers for the No. 3 pick and a 2018 first-rounder. For Boston, this was part asset maximization and part practical roster management: Ainge added to his war chest and avoided any fit questions with Markelle Fultz, a ball-dominant guard who was viewed as the consensus top pick. At No. 3, Ainge selected Jayson Tatum, a versatile wing who could contribute right away without needing the rock.patriots_037_38b52494b1ae61ae-180x180

Three defensive backs on the team were suspended during the season.

The restaurant, Scaletta, owned by the former New York Cosmos player Fred Grgurev, is located on the Upper West Side near the American Museum of Natural History. It serves northern Italian fare and hosts a lot of soccer-related events due to the owner’s relationships and history in the game.

Thanks to a mailslot missile from winger Andre Burakovsky in overtime Tuesday night, the Capitals handed Dallas its third straight loss, 4-3 and kept Hitchcock from joining an 800-win club that currently contains just Scotty Bowman (1,244) and Joel Quennville (868 and counting). Shame, too. It would’ve been extra sweet reaching the milestone against one of his best friends in the business—and his partner in a grand summer tradition.

All-Star Weekend was mostly a bust: Aaron Gordon couldn’t execute his Drone Dunk, Stephen Curry epitomized the apathy towards the Sunday showcase game by laying down on the court, and the awkward Kevin Durant/Russell Westbrook reunion didn’t quite have a Kobe/Shaq level of juice. Enter the Kings, who seemed hellbent on causing a public relations inferno by finally agreeing to trade DeMarcus Cousins, after years of rumors, just minutes after the All-Star Game ended.

Political commentators are quick to note that 2017 really did a number on norms, with long-held beliefs and standards getting trampled time and again. The NBA experienced a similar phenomenon: Joel Embiid repeatedly insulted and mocked his opponents, Kyrie Irving asked away from LeBron James, Devin Booker chased a 70-point game in a loss without shame, and Russell Westbrook dominated the ball so heavily that even Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan would blush at his record 41.7 usage rate. But Sacramento topped them all, overshadowing the weekend’s events to kick aside their franchise player in a manner that was embarrassing to Cousins, confounding to the fan base, and humiliating to the organization.

New Orleans (11-5), the NFC South champion, swept Carolina (11-5) this year. Both teams finished with top five rushing offenses. But the Saints’ rush offense got the best of the Panthers’ third-ranked rush defense — exploding for 297 yards and four touchdowns in two games. The Panthers have to neutralize the Saints on the ground. Offensively, Carolina has to attack New Orleans’ 17th-ranked run defense — and Cam Newton has to play turnover-free football.

Both facts and attention spans came under assault in 2017, with “Fake News” becoming a household term and news cycles flipping more quickly—and across more platforms—than ever before. Even so, Russell Westbrook’s historic 2016-17 season managed to rise above the information mosh pit, and it should enjoy serious staying power. After all, OKC’s relentless point guard became the first player in the NBA’s modern era—and the first since Oscar Robertson in 1962—to average a triple-double for an entire season. Just think: Which current player, besides Westbrook himself, could duplicate this feat?patriots_008_214424acfb4e5f07-180x180

The NHL used to play games on Christmas like the NBA, but that stopped after 1971.

The NHL’s holiday roster freeze is spelled out in the collective bargaining agreement and traces its origins to the 1992 strike that was largely about playoff bonuses and free agency. A memorandum of understanding signed in 1993 included reference to a Dec. 19-27 roster freeze for trades and waiver. The wording was put into the CBA in 1995 and it was extended to minor league loans coming out of the 2004-05 lockout.

And it’s bizarre.’s successful comeback was the best story football last , but his failure to land a new deal Kansas City is another stark reminder of how today’s NFL really works.I think the hard part was with his foot, with the suspension knowing that he’s not gonna be available for the first 15 , Thunder coach Billy told the Oklahoman on Friday.

You are on your own, , he said, noticing on the teleprompter that a Kardashian story was next.On , Dellavedova confirmed to that he has to take off his Whoop before now, but offered no comment.And what a great coach.You know what?Pass to Radim Vrbata.

A little bit last week.But telling his life stories to a captivated audience, most of whom knew little about him, brightened his day.He also participated on many committees at the church.I mean how can anyone belong there before Stabler?I know from experience and from family’s experience how important it is to be aware of what you put your body if you hope to be successful, not only on the field or the classroom but life, Bruton said.

But Francesa considered himself an oracle, a grandee. In any other setting he’d be a mere pundit. But it was his show! Like a great columnist, he held court on whose stock was rising and falling in his universe. He could be needlessly tough and he could play favorites. On occasion, he could be defiantly uninformed. But his redoubtable memory of every New York sports happening since the ’50s allowed him to pull his shtick off. Coaches and executives once wanted to stay on his good side to keep their jobs. Athletes once wanted to stay on his good side so that they might have post-retirement careers in broadcasting. Cliff Floyd, Bobby Ojeda, Steve Phillips—all called in to thank Francesa for nudging them into sports media.

He made friends. He made stars. And he made millions. Authority, though… that was what he really craved, and—for the most part—got. After Russo departed, there was no one in position to challenge Francesa’s views except for the callers—all of whom he could dismiss with the wave of a hand or the push of a button.

But what he built cannot survive. Thursday’s broadcast was a farewell not just for Francesa’s WFAN career but the notion that any one talker could render definitive, consequential judgments upon athletes and coaches. Star players make enough money now to avoid worrying about post-retirement broadcast careers. Coaches, meanwhile, have become mere cogs in complicated apparatuses, no longer leaders given free rein. And all parties these days are assessed by metrics far more sophisticated and objective than the judgment of one sports junkie with a microphone.

Myles Garrett knows how to make a debut.

Brilliant play design by the Panthers in Detroit, and great orchestration by Cam Newton, to fake the read-option and shovel-pass the ball inside to Christian McCaffrey, his first touchdown of his NFL career.

DeShone Kizer leaves the pocket too soon. He’s got to calm down, hang in and give his receivers a slightly longer chance to get free. “He does tend to be a one-read quarterback sometimes,” Ronde Barber correctly analyzed on Fox.

I think they’ll work something out.As he adapts to the size and strength of his opponents, he’ll better learn how to use his gifts to neutralize his opponents.It’s getting him back to who he was.But also is a generous mentor.

“It was crazy, but at first everyone was stunned,” he says.

This Bills team was hardly expected to be the one to break the streak, not when the Bills embarked on a total roster rebuild, trading away players like Sammy Watkins and Ronald Darby and Marcell Dareus, or when Tyrod Taylor was ill-fatedly benched for the rookie Nathan Peterman in a demoralizing 54-24 loss to the Chargers. But the team, like this resilient Rust Belt city, never gave up, and for once got some of the breaks that had eluded both the team and the region for all of this century.

If they think somebody like Vaitai can be a solid right tackle, or they think they can get one without giving up too much, then maybe you flip over to the left side and let Peters go.Feeling the heat, Pacers Donnie Walsh re-traded for at the deadline, giving up Vincent Askew, Eddie and a couple of 2nd round picks.Browse more than one million listings, covering everything from personal injury to debt to estate planning.Bajakian is a hard worker and he stays on me about rhythm and accuracy, rhythm and precision, two hands the pocket, and it’s worked.Actress is 57.Ford has been with the Ravens since November and has signed his low tender for next season.

FA Media, LLC from time to time promote individual daily fantasy sports operators and FAM employees or contractors at their sole and absolute discretion play on their personal accounts at a daily fantasy sports operator in the that they offer advice on.He caught 74 passes for 953 yards and seven touchdowns.Carcillo’s goal gave the Rangers a 2 lead, the eventual final score of the game.

There’s the temporal stuff, both collective and personal.

There’s no name for the designation, which is invented (just now) and arbitrary. But consider it something like Major League Soccer’s version of the EGOT.

Great players typically seek team titles, along with the recognition of their individual talent and contribution. And then there’s the transcendent part, which is a lot more elusive. There’s a champion and an MVP every season. What’s rarer is the player who taps into the sport’s deeper meaning—an athlete who becomes indelibly connected to a community and intertwined with a club’s intangible identity. Those players are award-winners, champions, inspirations and icons. They’re permanent. That’s the soccer EGOT.

Diego Valeri’s been in Portland for just five years, but that’s been enough time for the Argentine maestro to do it all. On Monday, he completed his MLS EGOT with the Landon Donovan MLS MVP award, which he won in a walk after leading the Timbers to first place in the Western Conference with 21 goals and 11 assists. Last year’s winner, David Villa of New York City FC, finished a distant second in voting conducted by players, team technical staffs and media.

The gold and silver trophy Valeri accepted Monday afternoon in Portland will be added to a collection that already includes the 2015 MLS Cup title, an MLS Cup MVP award, three Best XI appearances and the sort of status within a club and community that’s rare in any league, much less MLS. He’s not only revered in Portland, he’s pretty much become a Portlander.

They felt he wasn’t living up to his potential, and that his skating wasn’t quick enough.Didn’t get feet set to throw the ball.18 of 1st period – Shot Misses the Net.I just want them to all be healthy and then make it a difficult choice.A witness testified Wednesday that he came to Revis’ aid during the fight and was responsible for the knockout punches.Vargas returned to the majors September but played sparingly.

Intelligent player who keeps his eyes the backfield and does not get fooled by misdirection.The NFL team with the most players is the Chiefs with eight.But I knew from playing the outfield here that the wind could knock it down, Pence said.The Browns were able to hold him to 49 rushing yards through three quarters.Their most recent win came on Saturday night, when they beat 6.If you compare us with other state institutions, that’s not a bad number.

Bama’s line has continued to have trouble making headway for their stable of talented backs on inside runs.Talking about being upset is easy.Blanchard Once considered a first-round talent, Hundley failed to improve his stock his year at , falling all the way to the fifth round.He certainly miss all of the preseason, and there is a he could open the year on the reserve PUP, costing him the first six .It’s about supporting the local brewing community.’s new marketing website – – is being billed as a resource for beer drinkers, not as marketing.It put the New Rangers on a five-on-three powerplay.

Thursday night’s Broncos-Colts game is set to kick off at 8:25 p.m. ET and air on NBC and NFL Network.

Last week’s “Thursday Night Football” matchup in Atlanta had a direct impact on the NFL playoff picture. Broncos vs. Colts in Week 15? Not so much. Both Denver and Indianapolis are eliminated from postseason contention, and while team execs might already have their eyes on the 2018 NFL Draft, the players on the field Thursday night still will be focused on victory.

It can be viewed live and on-demand with fuboTV (7-day free trial). The game also will be available via live stream through Amazon Prime Video. The Broncos lead the all-time series with the Colts, 13-10, and have won two of the last three matchups.

The key to Thursday night’s game will be whether Indianapolis can generate enough offense against a Denver defense that came alive last week in a shutout win over the Jets. Colts quarterback Jacoby Brissett has three rushing touchdown in his last five home games. Running back Frank Gore is coming off a season-high 130 rushing yards in last week’s loss to the Bills. He needs just 59 scrimmage yards against the Broncos to become the second player in NFL history with 12-plus consecutive seasons with 1,000-plus scrimmage yards (Emmitt Smith, 13).

And he just sits there, between us, and calmly breaks it down.Signing and gives them instant improvement.All the work I’ve put these last nine months is about to pay off, Smith told NJ Advance Media on Wednesday.Next is critical for KCP, both individually and team wise.Line rushes Monday’s morning skate indicated that Washington is likely to do that again against the Penguins Game 3 on Monday night.

5) Safety: Even if Yeremiah returns he is older.You may die anyway.On the plus side, he showed much promise with his mobility and play along the blue line.’s 63 saves are the second-most stops made a playoff shutout over the past 25 years.started four at left tackle and then 12 at right tackle after went down with double patellar tendon tears.That’s not something that I dwell on or think about or worry about, he said.

Tuesday night’s 92 loss to the Philadelphia 76ers, Rozier led the team with 12 points adding three rebounds and two assists.Wright holds solid IDP value the middle of the stingy Seahawks’ defense.It really means a lot to me, it means a lot to family, it was emotional day when they told me they were going to retire jersey.Zemgus Girgensons .

The Lightning outshot the Blue Jackets 23-6 in the period.

Tampa Bay kept up the flurry at 7:53 when Kucherov buried a wrist shot from the slot. Just short of a minute later, Conacher unloaded a one-timer from the left circle that beat Korpisalo.

“They smelled blood, let’s be honest,” said Foligno, the Columbus captain. “We didn’t do anything right in those 10, 12 minutes. We were just whacking pucks away, stick checking. It’s what we do to teams when we smell blood. We got it handed to us.”

Stamkos added the fifth goal 10:36 into the third on a power play, while the Blue Jackets managed just three on-target shots in the entire period.

The Cardinals were more successful, appearing the playoffs 2000 and 2001, and advancing to the NLCS 2000.If she made a drastic change, no reason we couldn’t have a better relationship.They need help on the field?The team hasn’t yet given a reason for the demotion, but three scenarios seem viable: The team wants Koekkoek to play a game the AHL on Wednesday and recall him back to Tampa for Thursday.Transmogrify Tour Dates: 23 Woodinville, WA-Chateau Ste.We’ve been preaching the importance of the points heading forward, Konecny said after Thursday’s 5 shootout win over the Canucks.The deal has been agreed upon by both sides with the details to be worked out following the ending of the NBA’s trade moratorium on July 9, according to Hibbert started for the Pacers last while averaging 10 points and 7 rebounds last , and is just one year removed from making the Eastern Conference All-Star team for the second time in his career.that game his footwork and pocket mobility were calm and smooth, perhaps to the point of flawless.What they’re able to accomplish be defined by what they do and how they compete the next four and five years.

“I don’t know where it kind of went wrong, but we have to figure it out, like we did the first time,” said James, who led Cleveland with 29 points, eight rebounds and six assists but also coughed up six turnovers.

In Cleveland’s past four losses, James has a total of 24 turnovers. What didn’t cause him anywhere near as much fret was the fact that his road woes in Utah continue. His teams are 2-10 in their past 12 games at Vivint Smart Home Arena (previously EnergySolutions Arena and, before that, the Delta Center; and yes, James’ struggles there span all three names). He hasn’t won in Utah since 2011.

Unfortunately, Kariya only shone on the ice.After Verner picked off ‘s pass late the second quarter, Verner was tackled the middle of the field.I walked toward the huddle a daze.I it gets worse and worse every year!The Islanders host the Colorado Avalanche on Sunday.

He’d also fly his drone to Chipotle to retrieve him a postgame burrito after each outing.

Their career totals , at bats, runs, hits, RBI, steals, on-base percentage, slugging percentage, extra base hits and total bases are all fairly similar, with notable differences only batting average and home runs; Medwick’s higher average can be partially attributed to the higher emphasis on batting average the 1930s, while Rice’s advantage home runs is largely the result of a dramatic increase homers over the 40 years between their careers .At that time, A & A was the second largest insurance brokerage firm the United States; Aon was the fifth largest.astros_001

Canada blasts Denmark; Sweden wraps up Group B at world juniors

Brett Howden scored twice and Canada rebounded from a snowy loss to the United States to beat Denmark 8-0 on Saturday night and win Group A in the world junior hockey championship.

Also in Group B, the Czech Republic beat Belarus 6-5 at Key Center to improve to 2-1.

Radovan Pavlik scored twice for the Czech Republic. Down 2-0 early in the second, the Czechs scored five straight goals after pulling goalie Josef Korenar in favor of Jakub Skarek.

On Sunday, the Swedes will face Russia, and the Czech Republic will play Switzerland.

Smith, Hunt, Hill, Kelce … the Chiefs are not infallible, but they should have plenty in the tank to ride through this opponent and into the divisional round against the Steelers or Patriots.

Sean McDermott’s decision to yank Tyrod Taylor after lackluster offensive showings in consecutive losses was hanging over their heads every game down the stretch. Had the Bills been eliminated, McDermott would have had to hear about rookie Nathan Peterman and the five first-half interceptions in the 54-24 loss to the Chargers forever.

In his defense, though, the fact the Bills were panicking at 5-4 was a jarring reminder of how far the franchise had come since the offseason, when McDermott, general manager Brandon Beane and owners Terry and Kim Pegula did one of the best tanking impressions the league had seen in a while.

Lost in one way or another since last season were, among others, Marcell Dareus, Sammy Watkins, Ronald Darby, Stephon Gilmore and Mike Gillislee. Plus, they spent the whole year sending Taylor the message that they weren’t really that committed to him.

The Giants’ academy?Falcons general manager Thomas Dimitroff told that the team address ‘s contract situation after the .Carrethers finished his career with 14 tackles for loss and 6 sacks, and ranked third the nation tackles by a defensive lineman as a senior.Just — straight savages, .The kid who was the first at the park.Dorsett, Joe DeLamielleure and -all former All-Pros like Duper-have confirmed their testing and diagnosis of CTE symptoms.The Badgers are with the lineup and without him.The Giants were the most improved defense the NFL — the unit played a huge role the midseason turnaround that saw the team win six a row, said , a two-time Super Bowl champion and 12-year cornerback with the Steelers.His philanthropic foundation-The Hendricks Foundation–with goals aimed at providing assistance to local and national charities through awards, grants and scholarship programs aimed at recreational, health and educational programs for both youth and seniors, also sponsors the Hendricks Award, which is presented annually to the nation’s top defensive end, but which also considers the selection process academic and community excellence.According to press accounts December 2014, hoped to play 2015, and his agent told a reporter If you ask , he’d to come back.